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Category: Bread and Oven-baked Salted Products


Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Confirmation biscuits, named colaz in the local dialect, are typical of all of Friuli region and, in particular, of Carnia area. These cookies, coming from a long tradition, are donut-shaped and, exactly like the brasadé typical of the Oltrepo Pavese area of the end of the Nineteenth century, were prepared in occasion of the sacrament of confirmation: before being consumed, in fact, they were tied with a ribbon and used to decorate the confirmand's dress.
The dough is made of 00 soft wheat flour, sugar, lard, natrium bicarbonate and a pinch of salt; it is then flavoured with vanillin, cinnamon and cloves. The dough is made into small cylinders of variable length; their edges are sticked together forming donughts of variable size, the surface is spread with egg yolk and decorated with sugar sundae and coloured confectionery. The biscuits are laid on an baking plate and baked for 20 minutes at 200°C. When they cooled down, they are tied together with pink or light blue ribbons.

Boarded in 1999

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